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Welcome to Harrisonamy Copywriting where you’ll find services and resources to write marketing content that knocks your customer’s socks off.

It’s run by me, Amy Harrison. You can read my extended bio here. For info about the business, continue reading as you were…

Too many great (I mean really great) businesses and service professionals struggle to attract clients because their marketing content doesn’t do them justice. Customers don’t realise how valuable these businesses are and as a result, sales are lost.

I want to change that.

When I started Harrisonamy Copywriting at the end of 2008 (just before the recession…nope, it wasn’t a strategic plan) all I wanted to figure out was: would someone pay me for my writing?

However, as I met more business owners with unbelievable products and services who couldn’t get the customers they deserved my vision changed. Harrisonamy copywriting isn’t about me.

It’s about helping you tell a great story about your business

In just a few short years, using this as my vision I have:

    • Helped entrepreneurs sell thousands of products with price tags ranging from $0 – $3,000+ (one sales page made more than $40,000 in just 3 days)
    • Reached thousands of business owners, service professionals and other copywriters around the world and improved their copywriting skills

Teaching a workshop in London with Andrea Vahl

  • Released 2 popular copywriting resources for time-strapped business owners: The Copywriting Phrasebook and How to Get Your Sales Page DONE!
  • Travelled to 7 European countries delivering content writing workshops for offices where English is not the first language
  • Launched AmyTV – an online video series teaching essential copywriting and content marketing lessons in an irreverent sketch-show format (my friend commented that it was like “Sesame Street on crack for marketing”… I’m just quoting here.)
  • Been picked (from 3,300 applicants) to fly to Austin, texas and speak at the SXSW interactive conference in 2014 with my talk: A Funny Taboo: The Art of ROFL! for Business Women

This proves that business owners are in critical need of, and absolutely deserve the right words to sell their business.

The Harrisonamy Copywriting Mission

My aim is to either help you by writing copy for you, or by providing resources, coaching, training, templates, checklists and affordable products that let you write persuasive and engaging content.

Ultimately, I want to help businesses:

  • Communicate the value of their products and services to customers
  • Have access to fun, affordable and practical training resources to improve writing skills
  • Understand that BIG transformations can happen with just a handful of simple changes

My values while achieving this include: Humour, Creativity, Integrity, Positivity and Significance

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What’s unique about Harrisonamy Copywriting?

Writing clients love me because in addition to writing kick-ass sales and web copy, I really listen. Before I even think about writing, I spend hours researching to understand my clients’ business, their customers and what they want to achieve.

I also have a canny knack of writing in their own voice and style – think ventriloquism on paper :-)

Business owners find it refreshing that my free resources are actually practical. From the Headline Shaker Maker to the Pocket Sales Page Maker, you’ll find advice, outlines and guidelines that help you write your content.

No fluffy, mysterious advice like “just write a headline that stands out….” blegh. I’m here to make a real change in the way businesses communicate their value to customers and to do that my materials have to be useful and fun.

Here at Harirsonamy Copywriting we teach things a little differently...

Here at Harirsonamy Copywriting we teach things a little differently…

Now… how can I help you?

I work with a range of organisations and individuals, so to give you an idea whether we might be a good fit, have a look below:

  • I provide training days, workshsops and training guides for organisations with employees ranging from 1,000 – 10,000
  • I write sales copy for entrepreneurs, business owners and service professionals (click here for the 2013 price list)
  • I provide 1:1 coaching also for entrepreneurs, business owners and service professionals
  • I provide free online resources for anyone!

If you’re looking for a copywriter, have a look at my copywriting services page and fill out the contact form.

If you’re looking for free resources you can use straight away, there are a number of instant webinars about copywriting, as well as the blog, (check out the sidebar on the blog page for a list of free tools for you to use).

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