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Get your sales page written and start making sales…

An Affordable Way To Write A Persuasive Sales Page Without Headaches, Heartaches Or Hype


Writing a sales page that sells (and sounds like you) doesn’t have to be complicated

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Although it can be.

That’s why huge businesses happily pay 5 to 6 figures for a professional copywriter. They’re investing in someone trained to understand every psychological nuance and persuasion technique to move the audience to action (research alone can take at least a month just for one sales page). When your product is likely to make you millions in sales, this is a wise investment.

But let’s say you’re not a huge business doing a million dollar launch (just yet).

Let’s say you have an eBook for $47 that solves a big problem for your customers, or a coaching course for $497 that lets people access your expertise, or perhaps you just want a rock-solid services page that convinces people to pick up the phone and get in touch.

Spending upwards of $30,000 for someone to write your sales page isn’t exactly “sane.”

But it’s also insane to have a sales page that turns people away, or even worse, having no sales page at all.

So what are your options?

Option # 1 – Hire a Cheaper Copywriter

If you’ve got hours to spare, you could search for a cheaper copywriter. Although make sure you do have plenty of free time to research and check references. If not, you might spend quite a bit of your budget on an “affordable” copywriter, only to rewrite it yourself (or hire someone else) because you didn’t get what you wanted. From talking to people who have done this, it’s about as fun as paying your tax bill twice.

Option # 2 – Research Copywriting And Write It Yourself

If you can crank out a sales page in a few hours that influences, compels and persuades your audience to buy your product, then you’re good to go.

But, if you’ve been spending months doing what you do brilliantly in your business, and haven’t spent hours researching copywriting techniques, devouring the books, and writing practice sales pages, you probably know deep down that whilst this might appear to be “cheapest” options, it brings with it its own host of complications and hidden expenses.

Because what you save in money, you spend in time, by…

  • Not knowing where to start
  • Staring at a blank page (or chewing your pen to death)
  • Researching sales page formats and templates (and feeling exasperated by the ones that look icky and hyped up)
  • Reading copywriting blogs for the latest dos and don’ts
  • Reading archived copywriting blogs for the timeless techniques
  • Banging your head against your desk trying to work out a headline
  • Neglecting the areas of your business that you love doing

And what’s even more frustrating, is despite the hours, days or weeks you might be wrestling with it, if it doesn’t connect with your audience (or it makes common mistakes that turn people cold) it will be costing you in sales you never made.

In fact, when you consider what an hour of your time is worth, multiplied by the time it takes you away from your business (which let’s face it, is the best use of your time), it could even be your most expensive option.

But, like I said before, for most small to medium business owners (and even some of the larger businesses), solopreneurs or bloggers, writing a sales page to launch your product or service doesn’t have to be complicated (or take a lot of time).

But you do need to know what you’re doing…

So what’s the answer?

How To Get Your Sales Page DONE!

Buy it today and say goodbye to your sales page pains

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This is what Writer, Coach and owner of Lateral Action Mark McGuinness had to say:

Writing a sales page is scary. So you put it off. Which only makes things worse, as the pressure piles up and you make it more of a big deal in your head than it needs to be. When you’re in this state of mind, all the copywriting advice in the world can’t help you.

What you need is someone to help you deal with the fear, by asking you pertinent questions about your product or service, and breaking the task down into small, actionable steps. That’s exactly what Amy does with this book, to fast-track you past procrastination and get you to actually write your sales page. She even gives you templates and checklists to make the process easier – and bust any remaining excuses.

Not only does Amy give you excellent copywriting advice, she shows you how to put it into practice and get that sales page done!

Mark McGuinness

How To Get Your Sales Page DONE! is a step-by-step guide (with intuitive templates) that walks you through the sales page process from start to finish so that you can get your sales page written, published and out there to make offers to your audience and to start making sales.

After spending a lot of time talking to clients and business owners I kept hearing that there weren’t many resources out there aimed at the busy business owner who wanted a quality sales page BUT:

  • They didn’t want to spend $1,000s hiring a professional copywriter
  • They didn’t want to spend weeks studying copywriting
  • They hated “sales page templates” because they sounded clunky, awkward and lathered in snake oil

So I created this eBook based on the processes I go through when writing sales copy for clients. And in it I share with you:

  • Enough copywriting theory for you to understand the critical elements of a sales page (without it being overwhelming)
  • Exercises to practically apply these techniques to your specific business and industry
  • Templates that you can use alongside the book to create a compelling sales page (that sounds like you)
  • How to avoid some of the most common mistakes made in sales pages

This 100+ page eBook is broken down into 4 manageable sections:

Section 1: Preparation

What most people don’t know is that writing a sales page doesn’t start with a headline, or articulating those pesky benefits, or even by agitating the pain of your customer. It starts with the preparation.

When you miss this step out (and a lot of people do) you get tangled up later on. Your sales message will most likely miss the mark with your audience or miss out critical details of your offer and this can make the difference between your perfect customer buying, and your perfect customer walking away.

Even if (and probably because) you know your product inside out.

What’s more, this is the section that’s going to make your sales page authentic and sound like “you” or the brand of your business (perfect if you want to be consistent and credible with your audience).

If you know your sales page could be working a lot better for you, but can’t bear the thought of resorting to cheesy hype, cheap mind tricks and sleazy sales tactics, then you’ll love this ebook. Amy’s style is straight-talking, down to earth and fluff-free. She’ll show you exactly how to make your offer shine, not how to pull the wool over your customers’ eyes.

Grace Marshall

.So in this section you will:

  • Discover how to create killer selling points from even the smallest of details in your offer. (Miss out these details and you could be well…missing out)
  • Know how to see the “face” of your customer so that your words make an impact
  • Understand how to write about your offer that makes your perfect customer think “It’s like they designed this just for me!”
  • Be able to use the one simple technique that builds rapport with your reader in seconds
  • Use your “Adorable Flaw” to build credibility and authority in your niche

Even a little time of preparation goes a long way to making those sales.

Section 2: Writing The Darned Thing

This is where most people try and start to write their sales page (not you of course, you’re smarter than that).

This is where your sales page starts to take shape. This is where we “beat the blank page” and power through procrastination by making it very simple to walk through the critical elements you need in your sales page in order to make sales. Including:

  • Writing headlines that jump out to your target market, and demand their attention (and they can be created in minutes)
  • The 3 ways you can keep their attention “hot” right after the headline
  • How to get to the emotional roots of your customer’s problem, no matter what your product (even if it’s something as “painless” as a haircut)
  • How to avoid the one mistake that’s can instantly repel your reader when empathising with their problem
  • How a simple and practical exercise can help you turn ANY FEATURE into a desirable and emotional “BENEFIT”
  • How to convince your audience that you’re different from your competitors (even if you offer exactly the same service)
  • How to write passionately without including a million exclamation marks!!!!!
  • How to use the “Until Now” credibility effect to position your product as the perfect solution to your customer’s products (even in a saturated market)
  • The 4 best ways for building trust if you’re promoting to a new audience
  • The 3 biggest objections that could stop even your “ideal customer” from buying, (and how to smash through them)
  • The 7 ways you can get your customer to act and ACT NOW!
  • How to choose what kind of guarantee you should offer, and more importantly, how to write about it so you appear confident in your product

This section is packed with practical exercises to unearth the problems your customer is having, the rich benefits of your offer and strips away the mystery of “writing a sales page.”

I had my first eBook all done, all that was left was the marketing and promotion. Most of that was going to be easy-peasy for me – except for that blasted sales letter. I’d never written one. I had a pretty good idea what elements needed to be in one, but actually putting it together was an entirely different game. Amy’s book was awesome for me for a bunch of different reasons. The worksheets she provides made me think through exactly the types of details I needed to have in MY letter for MY customers specific to MY ebook. She interlaced the worksheet snippets in with the rationale behind each section (and examples to work from). But, then as a bonus there is a whole set of “just the worksheets, ma’am” at the back so you can print just those. I was able to complete those in a few hours, and then she had two different actual sales letter examples, pre-done in the workbook as well. So, once I had expended all of my brainpower on figuring out my examples, I could just more or less plug them in to the template and be done.

I never could have come up with a working sales letter in one afternoon if it weren’t for Amy’s book.

Jen Waak –

But getting your sales page done doesn’t stop there, in this eBook, you’ll also learn how to:

Section 3: Making It Read Like A Dream

This is where we dive into some of the meaty bits of copywriting that pulls in skim readers and keeps your audience reading all your essential details (which is important for making those sales).

In this section, you’ll discover how to:

  • Write captivating sub-headings to tell the story of your sales page
  • Use bullet points to capture attention (and intrigue your audience into buying)
  • How to make your words stand out (and which words you’ll definitely want to highlight)
  • Simple sales psychology that’s easy to include (but super-effective)
  • How to write concrete no-fluff sales copy that reads authoritatively so you don’t have to rely on hype.
  • How to keep your sales page simple and streamlined so you don’t bore or bewilder your audience

I’ll also give you some useful hints and tips about the design and layout of your sales page so that your copy stands out, is easy to read and isn’t an eyesore that makes your audience click away from the page.

Section 4: Your Templates And Checklists

The title of the eBook is: How To Get your Sales Page DONE! which means I’m making it as easy as possible for you to finish your sales page so you can launch your offer and kick start some momentum in your business.

That’s why, in addition to the copywriting techniques you can use to make your sales page strong, I’m also giving you:

  • 2 sales page templates designed specifically so you can write a strong sales page that includes your personality
  • A “sales page example” that I wrote based on the templates so you can see how they work
  • A 2 page editing checklist so you have an “at-a-glance” summary sheet of the most critical things you need to include in your sales page
  • 16 pages of separate worksheets you can print off, fill in and reference to make writing your sales page easy
  • 6 Pages of Quick-fire Cheat Sheets that can be used to help you write a sales page quickly without having to re-read the book each time you make an offer

You no longer have to agonise over getting started, or angrily throw draft after draft into the bin.

You can get it done painlessly, get it out there, and focus your energy and efforts on the parts of your business you love to do.

This really is a great guide. The worksheets are *really* valuable and honestly, that’s the thing that will get people (myself included) to actually get the sales letter written. Having a template right there, and having the brainstorming tools to get it all out of your head and on paper really is perfect. I have a tendency to zone out when it comes to writing a sales page – which is why I’ve never written one – but I can see myself actually getting one written by using your guide.

Lisa Wood

What Is The Bonus?

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How to Get Your Sales Page DONE!



The Copywriting Phrasebook


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The Copywriting Phrasebook – 501 Shortcuts To Compelling Content…

…is a 13 page pdf that is crammed full of words and phrases (501 of them to be precise) that you can use to make your sales copy (or blog posts) a lot easier, saving you time and headaches. A perfect complement to the eBook, the PhraseBook includes:

  • 30 Ways to a killer headline
  • 104 Phrases to keep it conversational
  • 54 Ways to cut the fluff
  • 75 Phrases for added POW!
  • 87 Ways to paint your customer’s pain
  • 80 Phrases to show them how they’ll feel
  • 71 Ways to close the deal
  • Your “personality phrases”

If you have ever struggled with writing a sales page, or if you would love to make an offer to your readers but don’t know how to do it effectively without sounding salesy, you are going to love this product.

And you have nothing to lose.

All you need to do now to lock in your discount for this offer is to buy now before the price goes up (and as a savvy business owner, I know you appreciate a wise investment).

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P.s. Whether you’re writing copy for your own business, or for someone else, do you think you could benefit from getting a rock solid sales page DONE in just 3 hours? Samar Owais of the Writing Base did just that:

How to Get Your Sales Page DONE is a must buy for anyone writing copy – either for themselves or their clients. I did the exercises and worksheets provided in the book and wrote a sales letter for a client in 3 hours! I was shocked at how well the exercises worked. Who cranks out a sales letter in 3 hours?

With the help of this book, not only did I manage to do it, I also satisfied the client to the point where I was offered additional copywriting work.

What more do you want the ebook to do? For me, It’s already done more than it promised. Do yourself a favour and get your copy How to Get Your Sales Page DONE right now!

Samar Owais