Get rid of your writing headaches with this easy to use copywriting phrase-book

Get rid of your writing headaches with this easy to use copywriting phrase-book

Oops! Just a little too late…

This resource has been retired as it gets a makeover into a brighter, bolder product.

It will be re-released in September 2014 – Amy.

501 shortcuts to compelling copy

You’ve been tapping out that blog post or that sales page for hours now and your energy for it has become a little “blegh.”

Not only that, but there are a million other things you could be working on to grow your business and sitting down to write just seems so slooooooow.

If you’re a blogger or business owner having a headache trying to find persuasive, conversational and descriptive words at a moment’s notice, then the Copywriting Phrase-Book is for you.

As a copywriter, I spend a lot of time writing and a lot of time studying copywriting. To save time I began building a reference of some of my favourite phrases and words (that I sometimes forget I know after a 12 hour day) and some words and phrases I notice a lot of the blogging and copywriting giants used.

I have over 50 copywriting-related books and printed downloads in a plastic basket near my desk.  However, I keep 8 of the more important ones that I need to reference often, on my desk.  Your phrase-book just joined them.

Also, I have multiple headline cheat sheets, but I especially like the way yours is arranged.  Thanks for offering. – Dale. L. Sims

I started adding words here and there, then phrases, then bunching them into categories until I had 501 little shortcuts to use in my copy when my brain wasn’t as alert as it could be.

Everyone’s always talking about automating business processes, this was my way of finding a writing shortcut that didn’t make me sound like I’d used a formula.

I knew so many people who could do with shaving a bit of time off their writing (and saving their mental energy) but didn’t want to necessarily spend $1,000s on a copywriter, so I decided to share.
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So, what’s inside?

Just like a phrase-book, it’s packed pretty full of words and phrases in the following categories:

30 Ways to a killer headline

Here you get 30 templates (and suggestions of what words you need to use to fill in the blanks) so that you can come up with a headline for your business or blog that tells your customers what you do (and why they should keep reading) in seconds.

I LOVED this Copywriting Phrase-Book!  It was fantastic and is a must for anyone who blogs or writes marketing material.  I am going to keep this on my desk to use anytime I have a blog post, sales copy or even e-mail that I need to spice up a little bit.  I especially liked 30 Ways to a killer headline because I pound my head against the wall trying to think of headlines.  And I loved how short and to the point it was – I don’t have a lot of time here, people.  Thanks Amy for this amazing guide!.  –

104 Phrases to keep it conversational

You know how some writers manage to keep that casual conversational tone so you feel like you’re connecting to an actual person rather than reading the instructions to your DVD player? Well here are the conversational words and phrases to help you do the same.

54 Ways to cut the fluff

When we’re tired we start talking about “things” and “stuff” and all the “you’re not really telling me anything specific” words that can make your writing as forgettable as the place you left your car keys… This section shows you how to avoid this.

75 Phrases for added POW!

Trying to keep up that peppy energy after your  3rd draft is tricky, and it’s easy to slip into “great, really great, super great” language that’s as exciting as the contents of the salad drawer in my fridge. Use these words when you want to sound like you have all the charming energy of a puppy. (Warning – These are POWerful words, you only need a light sprinkling to bring your copy or blog post to life!)

87 Ways to paint your customer’s pain

The more descriptive you can be about the problems or issues your customer faces, the more receptive they will be to what you say you can do about it. Show them vividly that you understand exactly what they’re going through.

Why did Amy Harrison create a product that’s going to put herself out of business? I don’t understand.

Amy is a copywriter based in England. She’s a brilliant writer—the kind of brilliant that tells me I’m in the wrong line of work. But Amy has done me and the rest of the copywriting world an enormous favor; she has revealed some of her secrets in a pearl of an e-book titled “Copywriting Phrase-Book: 501 Shortcuts to Compelling Content.”

My favorite section is two pages of genius titled “30 Ways to a Killer Headline.” In it Amy provides 30 headline templates; simply fill in the blanks and you have a headline. I tried it with a landing page I am working on. Do the templates work? Let me put it this way: I am smiling because I won’t have to bleed over a headline ever again. Larry Keltto –

80 Phrases to show them how they’ll feel

After painting a picture of their pain you’ve got to be able to describe how amazing they’re going to feel after they’re signed up to your blog, bought your product or hired you right? Dip into this section when you need to explain all the wondrous results they can expect from working with you.

71 Ways to close the deal

It doesn’t matter if you just want your audience to keep reading, or to sign up to your newsletter, or to join your membership club or buy your eBook you’ve got to let them know what to do and why they should do it. These phrases show you that there’s more than 1 way to get your customer to take action.

Your “personality phrases”

I’ve also included a section where you can record your own personality phrases, or other phrases that might be specific to your target market, region and any other little quirky “you-isms.” You’d be surprised how easily these can disappear from your writing unless you’re conscious about including them.

Amy has done an amazing job at putting together this guide. It really is chock full of valuable tips and shortcuts, and now when I’m struggling with my copy, I can take out her guide and quickly put together exactly what I need.

— Lisa Wood,

Who is it for?

Get rid of your writing headaches with this easy to use copywriting phrase-book

All yours for $17

This is designed specifically for bloggers and business owners who write blog posts, web copy or sales copy and would enjoy a resource that helps them get this done quicker without it sounding like they’ve rushed it.

It’s deliberately very easy to use and laid out in a way that you can dip in and out and get a shot of inspiration or find that right word or headline in just a few moments.

It’s not for people who are looking for a magic fix in writing sales copy, it’s for people who don’t have time to stare at a keyboard or a screen waiting for the right word to come.

So what’s the deal?

For $17 the Copywriting Phrase-Book is yours via an instant download.

Not only that, once you buy this, if I release an updated version with more words, phrases and references, I will send you any updated versions for free automatically, and yep, updated, bulked out versions of the book will be costing a lot more than $17.

And as well as that, when you buy the copywriting phrasebook, you are entitled to an automatic discount to my upcoming handbook which is all about getting your sales letter done and is a perfect partner to use alongside your dictionary.

This is absolutely what I’ve been looking for to finally be closer to writing sizzling copy for my new blog security service.  Sure, I’ll still make some rookie screw ups, but it’s obvious that  the delicious ideas Amy presents will help my writing kick-ass.  I don’t know about you, but anything that can make this typically slow and frustrating process more fun, speedier and powerful can only be a good thing. The only truly lousy bit is that having this guide, I’ll only have my self to blame if my service offering doesn’t jump off the screen and draw people in to my irresistible offer. Tim Gary

Will the price be going up?

On Tuesday 21st September the price will be increased from $12 to $17 where it will stay (until the next version is released and it will be going up again).

Once you click the “Add to cart” button and make your purchase you’ll be able to download the copywriting phrase-book instantly and have, at your finger tips 501 shortcuts to getting your compelling copy done.

Amy, thanks for letting me check out The Copywriting Phrase-Book – you’ve pulled together some of the most *emotionally compelling* copywriting headlines and phrases that will spark any writer’s imagination!

My time is money…I never want to wade through dozens of pages of documentation.  The brevity of the information makes it a quick and satisfying resource that every serious copywriter simply needs to know. Great job!
Barbara Ling –

Is there a guarantee?

Absolutely, if you’re not happy for whatever reason just let me know and you’ll get your money back in full. No fuss, no problems, and if you know someone who you think would benefit from the Copywriting Phrase-Book just pass it on to them. :-)

And that’s it! So what are you waiting for, secure your copy today! [Currently out of stock]

Sometimes I feel overwhelmed by the fact that writing an article seems to take forever. But “Copywriting Phrase-Book: 501 Shortcuts to Compelling Content” took my pain away by helping me to speed up the writing time of an article. I might sound amazing, but I write 10 times faster now. Plus it’s darn easy to read and understand Eugen Oprea | Online marketer and technology passionate |