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What is it?

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“Hi Amy,Just to let you know that the day we had with you was one of the very best training sessions I ever attended!
Many thanks.” :-)Elin Svensson, Country Director, British Council Sweden.

If you’ve read books or articles on increasing sales in your business, you’re probably familiar with the idea that most sales are made after the 5th or 6th contact.

Fortunately, when it comes to content marketing and copywriting, your content can make up a lot of those steps in the sales cycle.

Often under the radar.

You no longer need the courage to call your prospect 6 times with a sales pitch, hoping she’ll eventually say yes.

With email, blogging, newsletters, free reports, webinars, teleseminars you can subtly reach out, engage and nudge your prospects closer to the point where they’re comfortable to buy.

Creating that volume of compelling, engaging content can be overwhelming.

Keeping your content creation in house is a smart move. No one knows your business better than you and your employees, you keep control of your content and your strategy and can be flexible based on the response of your audience.

  • But what if you’re already pushed for time?
  • What if you and your employees are unfamiliar with copywriting techniques?
  • What if you need templates and checklists for your writers but don’t have time to create them?

If so, tailored copywriting or content training might just be the best place to start.

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Tailored training

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” I love getting more sales, enquiries and seeing audience engagement but I don’t have the time to spend all day, every day struggling to write content”.

I hear this a lot from clients who want the benefits of having written copy without the pain of trawling copywriting books, courses and blogs, trying to make sense of the theory and put it into action.

Now, I love copywriting and content marketing. But I understand that plenty of people would rather be frolicking in the sunshine or playing with puppies than staring at a blank screen figuring out how to start a sales page or a blog post.

So I offer flexible, tailored training for businesses to help employees to write better copy, faster.

These aren’t standard courses, but individually designed materials based on:

  • Your business
  • Your customer
  • Your industry
  • Your employees

When we first talk, we’ll dig deep into what you need. Whether it’s help with headlines, email copy, sales page structures or templates and checklists to save time when writing, we can outline a plan of action to best suit you.

We can drill deep into the psychology of copywriting and we can look at practical processes to help you and your employees get the job done… on the job.

I can even draw up templates, checklists and structures specific to the copy you need to write to help speed up the whole copywriting process.

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How it works

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We start with you, your business, your customers and employees.

Before we work out what methods are right for you, we look at: what you want to achieve, who your audience is, how your employees are used to working and their level of familiarity with content creation and copywriting.

Then, in terms of how the training is delivered you can choose from…

In person training

Sometime, the best way is to blitz a day or two with face-to-face training. Some attendees feel more comfortable talking about the challenges they face in a live setting rather than a webinar. It’s also easier to hold group discussions and group exercises where employees can share their creativity and bounce ideas off each other.

I can travel to you both in and outside of the UK.

Dates for this usually need to be booked at least 4-6 weeks in advance but contact me if you need something sooner.

Live or recorded webinar training

The internet provides us with world-shrinking resources which means if you have remote staff producing content, or if you have global offices, we can connect by webinars for live training.

If it’s easier, I can also record the training sessions by webinar, creating video presentations, and we can get together for a follow up live Q&A session. This can work well if you do have offices in different time zones.

Webinars and in person training are usually accompanied with handouts for employees to create an active learning experience. It’s much easier for people to internalise lessons and apply them to their specific situations by completing exercises based on the techniques and theory being taught.

Written materials

Company specific copywriting guide

If you want your current and future employees to know how they should write copy when representing your company, a copywriting guide is a useful tool.

I’ll write the guide based on the level of familiarity your employees have with copywriting. If they’re starting from scratch I can introduce them to phrases such as “landing pages” and “calls to action, ” and if they’re already familiar we can look at advanced techniques they can weave into their copy.

You can have any branding message or company rules included so that writers know the tone they should use, language to avoid, and the most appropriate way of addressing potential customers.

General copywriting guides often tell writers they should be “friendly” or “conversational” but we can use specific examples to show employees exactly what is expected when they write copy that represents your company.

Specific copywriting or content guides

If there is a particular challenge you face when writing copy or creating content to market your business you can choose a guide that addresses this in detail. For example you might want to know how to write faster copy, edit content, create compelling email subject lines, write email newsletters or structure sales pages.

If so we can outline together the biggest issues stopping you creating the content and tackle these – taking into account any limitations you might have with time and resources.

What are you like to work with?

This is my passion.

I get excited before training sessions. I love to do it and I love to get involved with companies driven to improve their copy and content.

If we train in person you’ll get used to me smiling… a lot.

What do people have to say about working with you?

Excellent question!

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Case Studies

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Amy rolled up her sleeves and got her hands dirty, from the word go she got stuck into exactly how we do things and put herself in the shoes of our staff and as a result came up with a tailored training programme that suits our specific needs“. Johanna Dzartah – Global Marketing Trainer, IQPC. Dubai.

On this page you can read a summary of previous training or click through to the full case study.

The British Council – Content strategy training

Live, 1 day training in Stockholm, Sweden

I prepared live content strategy training for British Council employees in the Estonia, Latvia, Sweden and Finland offices.

With each country about to have new websites to make content creation and distribution easier, the British Council wanted help creating a content strategy to build awareness and enquiries with local audiences.

Click here to read the full case study and see the video testimonial from David Blundell, Social Media Manager for the British Council.

IQPC – Copywriting training for the global offices

Providing written training guides and remote webinar training

Creating around 2,000 conference and events each year for professional industries, IQPC wanted copywriting training to amplify their current content marketing strategies.

Together we built a library of written copywriting guides, practical templates, and video training for current and future employees.

Click here for the full case study.

Johanna Dzartah, Global Marketing Trainer for IQPC said this about working together on the project:

I contacted Amy when I was l searching for a copywriter to come in and consult with us and run some training sessions with our global teams. Our copy was in need of a fresh perspective and after contacting the guys at copyblogger they referred me to Amy Harrison for more tailored in-house training.

After reviewing our copy we decided that some reference materials were needed for the training and Amy set about creating some very detailed training manuals on how to write effective B2B copy, examining the differences in style between the different mediums and even providing us with cheat sheets and templates that our staff could take away and easily apply.

We felt that a series of more practical webinars including case studies would further help support the written training materials so Amy also prepared and hosted these with the global teams. Amy was particularly flexible when due to technical difficulties we had to change the format of the sessions and accommodated our suggestions for an alternative

As a result we now have a fully comprehensive training library of written and digital materials for future use for all employees.

I really did enjoy working with Amy due to her “can-do” attitude. Amy wasn’t phased by the magnitude of the task at hand, not matter how big the initial undertaking seemed, she broke it down into smaller components and just got on with it.

Amy rolled up her sleeves and got her hands dirty, from the word go she got stuck into exactly how we do things and put herself in the shoes of our staff and as a result came up with a tailored training programme that suits our specific needs.

I would recommend working with Amy to anyone who is looking for tailored training on copywriting.

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Options and book

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This isn’t an exhaustive list of the content and copywriting training I offer, and if you have something specific in mind, contact me and let me know.

Here are some of the popular methods:

  • Training webinars
  • Core copywriting guide
  • Specific training guides (written from scratch for your company)
  • In person training

Here are some popular training topics

  • Company guide to blogging
  • How to write headlines
  • Email marketing and subject lines
  • How to structure sales pages
  • How to create a content marketing strategy

How to book

To find out what options will work best for you, click here to contact me. Let me know what you’re looking for and I’ll be in touch within 24 hours. 🙂