Looking for Sales Pages and Copywriting Resources?

You missed the sales page boot camp but there's still plenty going on...

[signup-form id=”9875″] The Sales Page in a Weekend Boot Camp is currently closed, but there are some other resources I think you’ll find useful including:

  • Fast Copy Fridays (Free) – For regular copywriting and content marketing tips
  • How to Get Your Sales Page DONE! eBook– Helps you write a sales page from scratch
  • 5 minute video review of Premise – If you want to check out the Premise sales page software I used to create this page.

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What’s in the Free Fast Copy Fridays?
  • 30 free headline templates
  • Option to purchase the Copywriting Dictionary for $10 (down from $17)
  • A copywriting, business blogging or content marketing tip each Friday
  • Details of copywriting and content marketing resources I use
  • First look at any content-marketing resources I release
What’s in the sales page eBook?
  • Prepare: How to gather the details you need to make writing easier
  • Writing it all down: Help with headlines, openings, benefits, features, calls to action
  • Editing and formatting: Make it eye-catching and easy-to-read
  • Templates and checklists: Sales page templates as well as editorial checklists
  • Free copy of The Copywriting Dictionary
Want a quick review of Premise?
  • 5 minute video of Premise Software from Copyblogger Media