Your Employees CAN Write Powerful Online Content

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“Hi Amy, Just to let you know that the day we had with you was one of the very best training sessions I ever attended! Many thanks.” 🙂 Elin Svensson, Country Director, British Council Sweden.

Many employees are being asked to write and submit content for websites, social media sites and marketing materials.Unfortunately, writing online content is nothing like the writing we study at school or in academia.

In fact the type of writing that works well for internal reports is completely different to what works online.

Without knowing how to write content that works online, you won’t engage your customers or partner organisations.

Your employees needs to know how to:

  • Get the attention of your ideal customer (from the first line)
  • Sell the benefits of your product and service with integrity
  • Make it easy for web visitors to find out more, register, get in touch or buy
  • Generate content marketing topics and ideas that appeal to your target buyer’s interests
  • Maintain a blog that builds brand awareness and increases leads

Harrisonamy workshops are designed to your individual company needs, and to the experience of attendees.

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