CMS! Episode 3: The Customer Profile

Welcome back to another episode of Content Marketing… Stripped!

This week we’re looking at the importance of knowing WHO it is you want to reach before you start creating any content-marketing materials.

Don’t forget to scroll down below for details on how to get your free content-marketing customer profile guide

Bonus Video from Episode 3 – The Sexy Carrot Song

When you ‘synergise’ good ideas ‘globalistically’ in a song… this is what happens.You have been warned:

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  1. says

    once again…you brought the house down, Amy.
    whaaaaaaaaa……the crowd goes wild, tossing carrots at their peeps with wild and content-ed success.
    Thanks Amy!

    • harrisonamy says

      Thanks Dawn – love the image of people throwing carrots around in jubilation. Sounds like it could be a ritual from a European festival :-)

    • harrisonamy says

      Thank you Marlene! Means a lot coming from a real video pro :-) Plenty more in the pipeline, hopefully they’re just as tasty.

  2. says

    i’d like to hear more of your musical talents : ) btw, did you say “carroteristics” at 1:38? lol!

    thanks for your wisdom & have a great week,


    • harrisonamy says

      Ha! I hadn’t thought about it, but if anyone asks – yes and it was deliberate :-) Am sure more music will be coming up in future episodes…

  3. says

    Another good video, I’m finding them strangely addictive. Who makes all those cakes that keep turning up in your videos?

    • harrisonamy says

      Hey Brett – thanks for watching. The baked goods come from various sources… none are baked by me. That’s what keeps them edible.


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